Four eCommerce Best Practices You Can Implement Right Now

Web + Digital Design Ryan | January 10, 2022


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Chances are if you run a business that sells a variety of products in the 2020s, you probably run an e-commerce business. In order to ensure that your business does well, make sure you familiarize yourself with certain ecommerce best practices.

This article will walk you through some things that you should incorporate into your ecommerce website to succeed.


One: Simplify

When you’re preparing business plans and write-ups, it’s probably best to present a high-intensity level of complex information. However, for your customers, you should get as simple as possible.

While you might be navigating complex thought processes to come up with the best business plan possible, your customers should not have to navigate something so complex.

As a rule, you should focus on the experience of your website, rather than just the product or design itself. Put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes. If you were to be on your website for the first time, would you be able to get around — would you be engaged?

Make sure your calls to action are big, obvious, and extremely available. Your contact information should be readily available. One downside of living in a world of so many choices is that if your customer has to take more than a few seconds to find what they need on a website, they’re far more likely to click over to a new one.

Make sure any menu you display is simple and easy to read. It’s best to create several menus and risk being redundant then it is to create a menu that your customers can get lost on.

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Two: Implement Reviews

In the 21st century, people value trust more than ever. Gone are the days when people have to listen to what a company says about themselves to make a decision about where to shop. Now, they only have to go to the internet to read what people just like themselves have to say about a business.

People are going to talk about your business — so why not let them do it on your website? When a customer stumbles upon your online store, they’re far more likely to place trust in you if they can see that other people support your business.

On top of this, you can easily work SEO keywords into your responses to these reviews. This will drive more people to your sight in a way that easy and natural.

Of course, this can backfire against you if you wind up with some bad reviews. However, you can look at this as an opportunity to increase your customer service and positively impact every customer. Word of mouth is the best publicity after all — you’d only do well to treat every customer like a king.

To help yourself get the best reviews, contact your satisfied customers and ask them to leave a positive review — you can even offer them a discount for this! Don’t bring this offer up to people who didn’t enjoy this experience.


Three: Make Recommendations

Implementing this tip is a great way to make sure that you know your inventory well. Develop a nuanced understanding of your products and you’re more likely to know what people like best.

Great business people — like great artists — know how to play to their strengths and hide their weaknesses. There’s no point in trying to push that product of yours that’s not quite so popular — somebody might come along and buy it if that’s what they like, but you should always push forward your fan favorites.


Four: Make Blog Posts

Even ecommerce sites can make use of blog content. Ecommerce sites are the equivalent of shops, which don’t require quite as much personal interaction as a business like law or real estate, where human integration is a crucial part of the business.

However, a great worker in a store can provide invaluable information to a customer looking to buy a product — and your blog should be able to do the same. On top of this, within your blog posts, you’ll be able to work in SEO keywords to help people flock to your site.

You might simply find them fun to write as well! Or, they can get you recognized as a thought leader in your industry, attracting even more customers.


Make Use Of These Ecommerce Best Practices

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