15 Creative Websites In 2021: What They Got Right


Did you know that 4.5 billion people globally regularly use the internet?

That represents a huge market. It is now literally possible to market to more people than ever before in history. 

However, there is a catch. Other people know this too. Thanks to the proliferation of website construction sites such as WordPress, people can quickly and easily create a shopfront to market their wares. 

Nowadays, it is only the most creative websites that catch the eyes of their customers.

If you are passionate about your product and want to give it the creative center-stage that you think it deserves, what can you do? What creative websites can you draw inspiration from? Check out our list of 15…


1. Virgin America

Airline websites are all about functionality. Bringing customers in, displaying up-to-date information, and processing transactions, are the major priorities. 

Hence, it is refreshing when an airline is able to accomplish this and provide a pleasant customer experience.

The Virgin America site design provides an incredibly responsive design that scores high points for usability and accessibility.


2. Feed

The Feed website is an example of the basic done very very well. It hosts a dramatically simple homepage. The homepage takes less than a second to grasp and navigate. 

The site design is immersive and engaging without causing the visitor to sit through long page loading times. It even has some nice touches, such as a navigation bar that doubles as a progress bar. It is a simple site that is in no way boring. 


3. George Nakashima Woodworkers

A website should not only be responsive, but visitors should be able to understand its purpose instantly. This is certainly the case for this woodworking website.

The home page transports you to a forest. The quotes on the page carry thoughts regarding woodworking and carpentry philosophy. 

This site instantly immerses you in the world of wood. It won a Webbie award in 2019 for its educational design.  


4. Woven Magazine

Sometimes the secret sauce of a successful website is the elements that you do not include. 

The secret of the Woven website is that it accomplishes all that it should without any pop-up windows or unnecessary advertisements. 

This leaves the visitor free to simply browse and appreciate the content of the website.


5. Togerson Design Partners

Torgerson Design Partners is based in Missouri and is a full-service architecture website. There are no doubt endless designs and portfolio items that could have been included on the site. 

However, Togerson displays exemplary self-control and provides a minimalist design that provides deeper detail about projects only when you dig deeper. 

The key to the success of this website is their mastery of the “less is more" principle.


6. Alen Menken

The content you add to your website can either inspire your visitors or create despair. The rights amount leaves your visitors wanting more, packing too much in is confusing and slows your site. 

Alen Menken finds the perfect balance. He invites visitors to check out his portfolio. Yet each video and audio track moves smoothly meaning that you are not left with a sense of frustration. 

The minimalist interface and large grids mean that despite the large media files, visitors are not overwhelmed by the very immersive experience.


7. World of SWISS

The World of Swiss website is truly built with visitors in mind. From the moment the website appears, you see exactly what you want to see. Your menu options, interesting visuals that introduce graphics, and not much more. 

While you may not expect two airlines to be on our list, the World of Swiss airline's intuitive design means that it is definitely worth a mention.


8. Rainforest Guardian

You might expect an environmental activist website to bombard you with slogans from the outset. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

This website brings you to the real issue by transporting you to the Amazon. You are not only educated by the tour you receive, but it genuinely arouses a desire to protect this habitat.

This website achieves its goal with seconds of a visitor landing.


9. Protest Sportswear

If your goal is innovation rather than imitation, this website will inspire you. Instead of pushing individual products towards visitors, it displays a succession of scenes that appeal to its target audience. 

The scenes, of course, contain products. However, the depictions provide a genre rather than an item.


10. Bruno-Simon

Bruno-Simon is a freelance creative designer based out of Paris. As you would expect, there are a plethora of concepts, games, and 3D art items that will keep you interested for hours. 

This website is proof that your creativity can retain the attention of visitors for far longer than a standard website.


11. Simply Chocolate

Simply Chocolate uses incredible 3-d graphics and modeling to create images of chocolate bars. You literally feel like you can take them from your screen. 

Far from simply showing chocolate bars, the Simply Chocolate site is a great example of consistent branding across the site as products. A variety of chocolate colors are subtly combined to provide an educational and appealing website. 


12. King

If you are one of the top mobile game developers, it is no doubt a challenge to include all your game genres on one website. However, King has been truly successful. 

Using a range of media such as video, motion graphics, and audio, you can take a journey into the story and impact of each game. At each point of the journey, you have a Call to Action to give you the opportunity to make a purchase.  


13. Elias Akentour

If you are considering using animations on your website, check out this website that hosts the portfolio of French Artist Elias Akentour. 

As soon as you enter the site, you see a sample of the genre that Elias represents. As you navigate, you are led through a procession of HD videos that give you a taste of Elias work.

Animation can be a gamble. However, if you want to see an example of the successful use of animation, this is for you.  


14. Overflow

Overflow is a business tool that allows you to create visual workflows. Not surprisingly then, the entire homepage of Overflow is a workflow document. 

This truly could have looked clunky and over-designed. However, Overflow has succeeded in blending their product with a responsive website that visitors can instantly understand.  


15. Frans Hals Museum

If you are looking to use games and link to your social media account, this website will interest you. 

The website provides a series of games which help you to learn about art, whilst providing the museum with vital feedback regarding what items are popular. 

The website also blends seamlessly with its Instagram account, meaning that it gains many followers across its accounts.


The Secrets Behind the Most Creative Websites and Much More

Creative websites are more than a clever way to draw attention to a service or product. They are a statement that expresses your ingenuity and ability to think outside the box. 

If you are looking for inspiration or the technical know-how to bring your ideas to life, then we are here to help! We leverage our years as creative brand marketers to bring you the most effective strategies and techniques. 

If you would like to learn more, simply check out our blog or contact us to see how we can help you. 

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